Who We Are

The Young Alumni Council offers events and programs for Kansas City’s 3,000 graduates from the past 10 years who are under the age of 35. The council fosters an important connection to the University and establishes a positive, lasting relationship between Rockhurst and its young alumni.

Each member helps promote the interests of the University and its young alumni, assists in planning and coordinating young alumni events in Kansas City, and works alongside the Office of Alumni Relations to engage alumni with their alma mater.

Membership requirements are as follows

  • Serve on one council committee per year (social, enrichment, communications, professional development, and/or athletics)
  • Attend quarterly meetings and four Rockhurst alumni events per year
  • Make an annual donation of at least $50 to Rockhust University by Dec. 31, 2015
  • Complete the online application (below)

    Click here to apply for the council.

2014-15 Young Alumni Council Members

Katie Killen, '09 - President
Lauren Spittler, '08, '11 - Vice President                                                  

Jason Anderson, '09
Kristen Benes, '10
Katie Burkley, '06
Maria Butz, '10
Mary Campbell, '12
Joel Carril, '09, '10
Sarah Charles, '09
Kelsey Evans, '12
Michael Flaxbeard, '11, '12
Annie Hart, '11
Tyler Jansen, '08
Anna Licata, '08
Tom McVey, '11
Jennie Nguyen, '11
Allison Sauter, '09
Mike Slattery, '06
Lauren Spittler, '08,'11
Nick Suarez, '08
Marie Sullivan, '09
Andrew Tate, '05
Mike Van Booven, '08
Patrick Wank, '05, '06
Betsy Warfield, 09, '10

Questions about the Young Alumni Council? Contact Megan Gonzalez at 816-501-4574 or megan.gonzalez@rockhurst.edu.