Student Alumni Association

What is Student Alumni Association?

Student Alumni Association (SAA) provides students the opportunity to get involved with the Rockhurst University Alumni Association as a student. It provides fun, education opportunities for students to learn about Rockhurst traditions and history, grow school spirit, and meet and form connections with RU Alumni.

What is the SAA Leaders Council?

The SAA Leaders Council are the leaders of the Student Alumni Association. They help plan events for SAA on campus and are the official student representatives at RU alumni events.

In 2014-15 the SAA Leaders Council has hosted or participated in:

- New Student Orientation - Battle of the Blue
- Sedgwick Hall 100th Birthday Party
- Dinner with a Dozen Hawks
- Doughnut Day with SAA
- Rockhurst Made Possible Week

They have also volunteered at alumni events like:

- Class reunions
- Alumni Night at Sporting Kansas City
- Alumni Night at Starlight Theatre
- Alumni Night at the Ballgame
- Alumni Awards Luncheon
- Family and Alumni Weekend
- Legacy Family Breakfast

Members of the SAA Leaders Council must complete an interview process. They are also required to:

- Attend and participate in all council meetings on Tuesday evenings at 8 p.m.
- Be a coordinator or co-coordinate at least one SAA or alumni activity per year
- Maintain a 3.0 GPA
- Remain a student in good standing at Rockhurst University

Questions about SAA? Contact Brent Blazek, SAA advisor at or 816-501-4375.